Request to Exhibit at the David Wright Gallery, Artsmill

The 2019 programme is in the process of being finalised so the application process for 2019 is now closed.

The application process for the 2020 exhibition programme is now open.

Applications will be accepted up to midnight 30th June 2019.

Terms, Conditions and Guidelines for entry

  • Exhibitions are usually for 3 weeks and there are between 4 and 6 exhibitions each year. Artists cannot be selected to display in the gallery more than once in 3 years.

  • We receive a large number of applications each year and submitting a request is no guarantee of acceptance.
    The selection process is rigorous.

  • The Artsmill selection committee will select art exhibitions based on the following criteria:
    • Artistic competence
    • Appropriateness of the artwork in terms of content, form, scale and materials.
    • There are 3 content areas which would require additional review for acceptability:
      extreme religious, political or violent subject matter.
      The Committee reserves the right to make a determination regarding acceptability.

  • There is a fee of £50 if your application is successful.

  • Artsmill will take a commission of 30% on all sales. This should be added to the price of the work when giving the price list to Artsmill.

  • Artsmill will pay the net sale proceeds (that is the amount for which the work has sold less our commission) by cheque or bank transfer within 14 days.

  • Except for work which cannot be framed, for example textiles, two-dimensional work should be framed and ready for display including mirror plates mounted horizontally and centred on the vertical plane.
    Clip frames are not acceptable.

  • An artist must have enough work to fill the space. Alternatively an artist may apply in conjunction with other artists given that the art ties together in some way. All artists must complete the application form.

  • Artists are responsible for hanging their own work subject to curatorial supervision and assistance by Artsmill.

  • All work must remain for the whole exhibition. If a piece is purchased it must remain until the show closes.

  • Artists are responsible for the complete listing at least two days in advance of the show opening, so that the listings can be printed / photocopied.
    Artsmill will supply a standard listing template.

  • The artist will assume all costs of transportation, framing and installation. Artsmill has pedestals for 3D work.

  • Artists will provide suitable refreshments for the preview.
    Artsmill will provide facilities for refreshments at the preview, which will be held on the Sunday prior to the opening of the exhibition to the public. The date is subject to availability and agreement by Artsmill.

  • The artist will allow Artsmill to use reproductions of the artwork for promotional purposes.

  • Artsmill will publicise the event on and, with the artistís assistance, social and print media.

  • The artist should supply images and background information for the design of posters and flyers.
    The design of posters and flyers will be a collaborative effort between the artist and Artsmill.

  • The artist is responsible for the cost of production and printing of the material.

  • Work should be insured by the artist in transit and will be insured by Artsmill while in the gallery.

  • Artsmill is a charity and relies on volunteers for all things connected with exhibitions, we encourage artists to help with the invigilation so would look positively on applicants who could do this.

  • Exhibiting artists will be encouraged to offer a half-day when the public could speak to them about their work, which could fit in to with their invigilation of a session.

  • The gallery will be open from 11am to 4pm, Wednesday until Sunday (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays).

  • The gallery has total of 50 metres run of wall space for hanging. Please see the plans below.

You are strongly advised to print these terms and conditions and keep for future reference. 

Application is via the website by clicking here